Friday, October 2, 2015

Dawn of Steel: The next gen strategy game

I’ve been playing some of the strategy war games like Boom Beach and Clash of Clans. And now Dawn of Steel. Note that this is not a complete review of the game.

Dawn of steel really is a next generation strategy game. 

Here is the background of the dawn of steel.


It’s a pretty decent gameplay with nice and cool graphics. Unlike Clash of Clans and Boom beach, Dawn of Steel (DoS) includes more graphics. Better to play this game on iPad.

Basically, you are given a base just like other games to build your defences and resources. Conquering the other player bases/sectors is the goal.

Buildings in Dawn of Steel:

The terminology used in the game is quite different when compared to the clash of clans or boom beam. Here are few of the buildings anyway


This is the place where your rigs reside. You can build/upgrade/research/customize your rigs.


Robotics Lab: 

This slows enemy rigs in its radius and allows you to build more spawner buildings

Robotics Lab

Command Ship: 

This is the heart of your base. Upgrading the ship allows you to increase the resource storage and access to new resource buildings.

command ship Dawn of steel

Combat Support Center:

Give support abilities while attacking other player bases.
Support Center

And there are other such building Munitions Tower, Ballistics silo, PlasmaTech Convertor etc.


Earns you get some credits/points over time with which you can build/upgrade defences and buildings. Currently, I’ve only two resources Credits Dock, Plasma Extractor. Not sure if other resources come in after upgrading the levels.

credits dock dawn of steel

plasma extractor dawn of steel


Constructing defences allows you to protect your base from other player attacks.
Here is the list of defences that you can use in DoS. Each of them has a special ability to attack the Rigs while combat.

  • Machine Gun Turret
  • Drone Spawner
  • Missile Launcher
  • Tank Spawner
  • Wedge Gun
  • Tensai Artillery Turret
  • Charge Cannon
  • Disruptor
  • Basic wall x10
  • Kew wall x3

Defences Dawn of steel

With the Battle Points, Plasma, Credits, Influence points on the top right of the screen you can upgrade your buildings and defences.

Exploring the player bases is by viewing the world around your base. You will see the planet with other player bases bookmarked around you. Here is how it looks like. The planet name is “Leviathan” though it looks like saturn.

Leviathan Dawn of steel

Unlike clash of clans if you want to upgrade your combat ship to the next level in the dawn of steel then you are forced to upgrade your spawners or buildings. As you can see below I've to update the defence structures to proceed advance to command rank 5.

As boom beach allows you to navigate your troup to a specific target, dawn of steel on the other hand gives more control over the game by providing the ability to control each of your Rigs where to attack. So that you can divide and conquer other player base.

Dawn of Steel is pretty much a new strategy game. And is the best strategy game I’d recommend playing.

I’ve been playing this for a week on my new iPhone 6. The bad thing about this is that this game is a battery killer. Because of the graphics involved while attacking and building/upgrading resources, DoS consumes a lot of battery on your iPhone. Better to play the game on iPad. Here are the battery usage stats on my phone.

Battery Usage dawn of steel

Right now this game is only available for iOS users only. They haven’t launched the game for Android users till now. But it would be awesome if this game targets to PC/Mac platforms.

Give it a try.

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