Sunday, October 18, 2015

Uninstalled Clash of Clans and Dawn of Steel

I'm playing both of these games until now. But I've uninstalled both of them from my iPhone 6 recently.

Though Clash of clans is an all time great listed under strategy games on App Store I removed it. And Dawn of steel may be the next gen game to play for as I've already blogged about it days ago.

Uninstalled clash of clans, why?

And the biggest reason for uninstalling is that it gets boring as you upgrade your buildings/defences/resources. It is good when you are at town hall level 3/4/5. And thereafter you'll be bored to see your resources taking days and weeks to upgrade. 

And the other reason is that when you attack any player base, you are bound to rebuild your entire army though you've crushed a player base and all your army are alive after the attack. Is this bug or a feature? I'm really confused though.

I usually play games when I'm free for just 30 minutes or so. For a person like me this gets really boring, isn't it?

Uninstalled Dawn of steel too:

Yes, I did. And yes I said this is the best next generation strategy game to play for, but I've uninstalled. And as I've already mentioned on my blog post this game right now is a battery killer as it has a lot of graphics. Sorry, Dawn of steel. 

My battery doesn't last longer after I play this game for quite some time. 

As mentioned in my blog post again, it is good to play on iPad as you've a bigger screen and you can attack well.

So, what am I playing: 

I'm playing boom beach for quite a while now. And this is the game I'm most comfortable with. 

Unlike Clash of Clash, Boom beach doesn't take too long to build defences/buildings. It does take a long time when you are progressing your town hall to the next level.

Right now I'm on Head Quarters (HQ - similar to town hall in clash of clans) 12 and if I want to upgrade it to HQ 13 it just takes 22h. I feel this is quite less time when comparing with the clash of clans. 

The graphics on boom beach are pretty much similar to clash of clans as both of these games are developed by SuperCell.

And I'm not against either clash of clans or dawn of steel. I'm just expressing my opinions.

Sorry for clash of clans and dawn of steel fans.

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